Reading University


Classes start at 9:00 am and run till 3:00 pm during week days from July 4th to July 21st.

Students are sorted into random groups of 10 and then move through 10 different literacy stations with each being hosted by a teacher-leader and literacy coach.

Lunches and snacks are provided for all on a staggered schedule. The NWP cafeteria is not quite large enough to feed 200 hungry students and 40+ staff at one time!

Students can expect to enjoy PE,  Music and endless interactive activities every day from July 4 to July 21st.

Classes conclude for the day at 3:00 pm. Parents can choose to drop off and pick up their children in the cafeteria or have them chauffeured by Students First Buses.


You can continue to show your support for struggling readers by  golfing in our 10th Annual Reading University Hole-in-One Tournament at the Dunes! Join us September 2023!

For more info on the RU Hole in One Tournament call  ‭(780) 513-6095