Reading University

2023 RU stations



Guided Reading

Reading practice with guidance will remain essentially the basis of this centre.

Listen Up!

Students will learn how to be good listeners through a variety of guided listening activities and purposeful games to reinforce learning.


Students will listen to broadcast news articles from which they will develop questions leading them to new shared knowledge.

Word Attack

Students will be using their phonemic awareness skills to learn, use and be comfortable with unfamiliar words.

Fried Phrases

Students will use their decoding skills to master the Frye lists of most used phrases in writing.

Just Sayin’

Students will practice and enhance their oral language skills using prepared scripts, poetry, jokes, reading directions to others, and following their directions.

Just Think!

Students will work with patterns, problem-solving strategies, puzzles, and subtraction facts - notably subtracting backward with ease.

Word Play

Students will work on mastering sentence writing beginning with the basics and working forward with descriptors, phrases, and enhanced word choices.

Get Active

Physical literacy, wellness, cooperation, and fun will be the focus of this daily activity.

Tune In

Music is where students will celebrate language in their lives using melody,  listening, repetition, and creativity.