Reading University


2024 Reading U Learning Stations


Fried Phrases

Students will concentrate on their decoding skills as they learn and practice the most frequently used words and phrases that occur in their reading. They will engage in various fun, interactive activities to foster their confidence and love of reading.

Word Play

Students will practice sentence writing beginning with basic structures and will move forward to add descriptors, phrases and enhanced word choices.

Tune In

Students will experience reading with all its rhythm, cadence and movement. A very active station, students will enjoy being totally engaged in song, rhythm making and movement.

Listen Up

Students will continue to develop their listening skills through a variety of games and activities targeted to improve their comprehension.

Picture This! (Library)

Students will be challenged to read beyond the text and make inferences from a variety of interesting and exciting picture books. They will reinforce good reading behaviors with their choices from the library collection.

Just Sayin’

Students will practice and enhance their oral language skills using prepared scripts and props, poetry, jokes and giving/receiving directions.

Guided Reading

Students will develop and practice new reading strategies and be encouraged to talk about the studies Rhea read under the guidance and support of their instructors.


Students will  listen to and hear news articles from which they will develop questions and share their new-found knowledge

Get Active

Students will explore a variety of cooperative physical activities and burn off lots of energy with their friends in the great outdoors (weather permitting).

Word Attack

Students will use and improve their decoding abilities to increase the skills that help them learn, use and be comfortable with unfamiliar words in their reading.