Reading University


2023 Reading U Learning Stations


Fried Phrases

Scholars will use their decoding and fluency skills plus build their fluency confidence as they navigate Fryes first 300 high frequency word phrases. Students will engage in various fun and interactive activities with game play, team building, and competition to foster their confidence and love of reading.

Word Play

Students will work on enhanced word choices as they master sentence writing. We will begin with basic sentences while incorporating descriptors and word phrases.

Tune In

We will explore a wide range of stories and poems that help us understand rhythm, beat, and create a love for music.

Listen Up

Students practice focusing on vocabulary to enhance their oral communication skills. Through a variety of interactive and purposeful activities, students will continue to build listening comprehension.

Just Think

Students will work with patterns, problem-solving strategies, puzzles, and subtraction facts – notably subtracting backwards.

Just Sayin’

Explore the wonder of spoken word through dramatic performances, laughter, and poetry. Improve fluency and expression through oral language.

Guided Reading

To improve fluency, and comprehension, and provide an opportunity to apply decoding skills while reading rich literature.


Students will hear and listen to news articles from which they will develop questions and make connections leading to new shared knowledge.

Get Active

In Get Active, students explore a variety of cooperative physical activities and burn off lots of energy with their friends. The children get to experience the cool gym at the college and enjoy the outdoors. They are immersed in literacy throughout their movement.

Word Attack

Students will learn how to recognize and apply letter combinations to read new and unfamiliar words.