Reading University



  UPDATED MAY 15, 2023


  • Classroom teachers make referral forms available to parents for students who qualify.
  • Parents complete and sign the referral form and return it to the classroom teacher.
  • The classroom teacher sends the form to Reading U.
  • Reading U  sends an email to parents and the referring teacher advising that the child has been accepted into the program.
A GRADE 3 READING UNIVERSITY student is someone who:
  •   is reading just below Grade 3 reading level by the end of Grade 3, and needs a little more time, attention and practice to meet grade level expectations
  • scores in at the J,K,L,or M Instructional Level using the Fountas & Pinnell Scale/ or achieves scores at a comparative level for those classes using TOSEC
  • presents in the AT Risk Category in the provincial CC3 during year end testing, i.e. Regular Word score (20-30)  Irregular Words score (10-30) Nonwords score (15-20)
  • has the potential to achieve grade level reading status with three weeks of focused intervention and has the motivation to continue practicing
  • is possibly a reluctant reader but shows the potential to develop a positive attitude about reading
  • may struggle with writing due to poor word building skills
  • needs to learn more reading strategies to support understanding of what is read
  • has caregivers who will commit to the child attending the full three week program (no exceptions)
The following indicates that a student is NOT a potential RU candidate: 
  • shows little to no growth in reading despite focused interventions at school
  • is significantly below grade level in reading FAR below peers (and has been all year)
  •  is a non-reader
  •  is an ESL student with VERY limited ability in English
  •  has severe emotional or behavioral needs, or is a non-compliant reader
  • needs a scribe for written work
  •  has or shares the assistance of an EA at school 
Click here to access and print the form: RU 2023 Parent Teacher Referral Form