Reading University

Meet the Professors

2022 Reading University Professors 

Two administrators will manage the programming at Reading University this summer: Helen Neufeld, M.Ed. Admin and Corinne Kruse, M.Ed. Leadership.  Ms. Neufeld, retired from classroom teaching after a full and rewarding career,  has been involved with the program almost since its inception. Helen's belief that learning is much better when it is enjoyed rather than endured is one of the pillars of the Reading U experience.  Ms. Kruse is currently Director of Learning for Grande Prairie Public School Division. Corinne’s active involvement in the Division’s quest for success at all school levels helps inform many successful RU activities. 


Deanna Hildonno Konnobrand - Get Active

Tracey Babin - Get Active

Aeden Miller - Get Active

Kari Henerson - Get Active

Charlotte Clark - Guided Reading

Laura Arbout - Guided Reading -

Surbhi Parashar - Guided Reading

Jennifer Arsenie - Guided Reading

Jessica Penton - Guided Reading

Debbie Reed - Guided Reading

Amanda Morris - Fried Phrases

Liz Knelsen - Fried Phrases

Tracy Mahoney - Fried Phrases

Lorraine Millions - Fried Phrases

Allison Hearn - Word Play

Marlena Tyzo - Word Play

Lynn Hooper - Word Play

Kristie Lorenz - Word Play

Annie Forney - Hear! Hear!

Megan Koch- Hear! Hear!

Stefanie vanWyngaard - Hear! Hear!

Starleigh Genovese - Hear! Hear!

Jeannine Younger - Readers Theatre

Kristy Williams - Readers Theatre

Courtney Warr -  Readers Theatre

Kyra Taylor-Gagne - Readers Theatre

 Kevin Forney - Music

Olivia Prefontaine - Music

 James Hudyma - Music

Shannen Heaney - Music

Lora Frape - Write On

Jayne Middleton - Write On

Cassie Hinteregger- Write On

Danica Liland- Write On

Cassie Funk - Library

Creytin Plett - Library

Susan Thomson - Library  

Annette Boily -  Library

Nicki Nightingale - STEAM

Leah Jackson - STEAM

Kristen Huitt - STEAM

Kendall Cuthbert - STEAM

Jennifer Gitzel - Food Services

Mel Hanna  - Food Services

Communications - Teresa Olichny