Reading University

Meet the Professors

2019 Reading University Professors 

Tracey Babin - Word Play

Laura Blair - Fried Phrases

Kaitlyn Lukoni - Guided Reading

Erin Burns - Puzzle Pieces

Teresa Cameron - HOTS Stuff

Renee Camplair - Get Active

Tara Ponipal - Follow the Leader

Charlotte Clark - Guided Reading

Kayma Coulombe - Get Active

Jillian Drummond - Fried Phrases

Chelsea Esau - Puzzle Pieces

Sandy Farquhar - Puzzle Pieces

Allison Flowers - Music

Lora Frape - Write On

Cassie Funk - Library

Jennifer Gitzel - Food Services

Cassie Hinteregger - HOTS Stuff

Allison Hearn - Word Play

Lynn Hooper - Word Play

Kristen Huitt - Get Active

Leah Jackson - Write On

True Lojczyc - Guided Reading

Lindsay Lovrod - Music

Sara MacIntyre - Communications

Tracey Mahoney - Fried Phrases

Jayne Middleton - Write On

Aeden Miller - Get Active

Amanda Morris - Fried Phrases

Helen Neufeld -Co-Principal

Nikki Nightingale - Puzzle Pieces

Sarah Odenbach - HOTS Stuff

Teresa Olichny - Communications

Jessica Penton - Guided Reading

Jennifer Potosky - Write On

Josee Rainville - Word Play

Debbie Reed - Guided Reading

Joey Sanregret - Follow the Leader

Julianne Seaton - HOTS Stuff

Dana Slawson Co-Principal

Josh Smith - Guided Reading

Wendy Stokes - Music

Kyra Taylor-Gagne - Food Services

Susan Thomson - Library

Kristy Williams - Follow the Leader

Jeannine Younger - Follow the Leader

Roxanne Zahara - Music