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Celebrating 12 Years in Grande Prairie

At Reading University we believe anything worth achieving is worth celebrating!  With many years of Reading University successes to our credit, this is most definitely true.  Starting out with 32 students from one school district in 2009, we have grown to serve upwards of 200 students from all over the region! To celebrate and acknowledge the many achievements of these students we are able to offer one Student Award this year to students who have graduated from Reading University and who have now graduated from High School in the amount of $2,500.

We invite all our former students from Reading University to submit a 2021 Award Application by June 30 of this year.  We will be honoured to further contribute to your successes!


Congratulations, Morgan Bodnaruk 2020!

Learning is such an individual thing. In school, we seem to live through many of the same experiences as our peers do, but we actually process them in different ways, and at differing times. At Grade 3 Reading University, one of the program’s underlying principles is that mistakes are natural steps in learning and can often point the way toward success. The process of being a good reader is a lifelong journey, not a sprint to be first and/or best. In the words of the ancient philosopher, Confucius  (551-479 BC): “It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”

In 2011, eight-year-old Morgan Bodnaruk was a Grade 3 student in a French-Immersion program in Grande Prairie who was referred to the Reading U summer program because she was not at the standardized reading level for her grade. In fairness to Morgan, her daily language of instruction was French and so it was not surprising that she might need a little help in English reading.

Fast forward to 2020, Morgan graduates from St. Joseph’s High School in Grande Prairie and is awarded the 2020 Reading University Student Award for future study. The entire cadre of Reading University supporters are very proud to salute Morgan and all her many accomplishments since she left the stage as one of our graduates.  She spent a year in Brazil as a Rotary exchange student, an experience that she claims changed her life and paved the way for her future goals.  She is a community volunteer and works part-time to support her upcoming studies. This self-confident, enthusiastic, and future-focused young woman is beginning her courses in political science at the University of Alberta in the Fall. Morgan aspires to become a Human Rights Attorney with a focus on the principles of social justice.

At the award presentation, we were amazed at how easily she slipped into and held a conversation with four adults, previously unknown to her. What a gift!  We are confident that this well organized and self-driven young woman will achieve great things.  All the best in your studies, Morgan!


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