Reading University

What did you think? Testimonials


“I would first like to say a huge Thank You for having accepted my child into reading university. I have found a change in her habits for reading and writing in just those 3 weeks. I have read her follow up report from the instructors and although she wasn't a grand participant in classes, we have witnessed the improvements here. She reads before bed, she reads in bed and has even woken up in the morning and stayed in bed reading or just writing. I will be forever grateful that she was allowed to be a reading university student. How fortunate that this program exists! I believe the difference made in these children's lives will forever change their future.  ”

Reading u definitely benefited my son. My son had a huge improvement in his reading (he could actually read the words without having to struggle through every bigger word). I would love to be able to send him back this summer as he still really struggles with comprehension. He can read the words but has a hard time understanding the sentence as a whole. I would even be willing to pay a small registration fee if it meant my son would have another opportunity to build on what reading u taught him last year.”

Having my daughter participate in the Reading University program has been extremely beneficial! It has given her confidence in her reading, and her fluency has greatly improved. I am so happy that she got to be part of that and I know it has made a difference with her progress in grade four. Thanks again for the opportunity!  ”

The program was so beneficial to my child. She blossomed so much with her reading. It was very encouraging for her - it brought up her confidence level to read and it helped her understand reading concepts on a different level. She told me she didn't know why it was called reading university because they didn't really read! A great program! Keep up the great work!  ”

Douglas had a wonderful time at reading university!!! His reading did improve -  he is now reading at grade level!!!!  ”

Reading University was a unique and wonderful experience for my daughter. An exceptional program!  ”

My son enjoyed going to the reading university. He had fun that built his confidence. I would say my son benefited positively from the camp although there are limitations to its impact as it is just one summer. He says he now barely remembers the program. However he has developed a growing interest in reading and creative writing, and I’d like to think that the Reading University is partially responsible. Thanks.  ”

I wish that they had this program for all grade levels as I would love to have him attend again.  ”

My son absolutely enjoyed his experience he had at Reading University! He was disappointed that it was only for 3 weeks. He wanted it to be all summer. What he learned has helped him with recognizing when he has made a mistake in his sentence and recognizing if the word he pronounces is wrong.”

My son not only had a ton of fun but has shown significant improvement in his reading skills. He doesn't seem to struggle or get frustrated as much as he used to. When I asked him why that was he replied with ' Mom I learned some things at Reading University!!'  ”

I believe the program was a great experience for my child. It was intense three weeks for him but the benefits were well worth it. He continues to read at Grade Level and these extra opportunities are huge for my son who I believe has to work really hard to maintain reading at grade level. I think the teachers put great effort to make this experience special for the kids. I think this summer program helped him not lose words over the summer and highly motivated him to want to be a great reader. We are a busy household and sometimes important things like reading get shuffled to the bottom. My other son  was also blessed with attending this program; he participated the very first year. I cannot believe how much this program grew. Thanks for all your hard  work and your continued success to help others.


“I've been talking to everyone about what a wonderful program this is. It was a total package for student learning. I hope this program can continue -- our kids are worth the investment.”
“I love reading and encouraging a love of literacy. It was a wonderful experience for me. I hope that I left the students empowered to explore and enjoy reading.”


“This program is the ideal way to teach - and in a setting that is fun and exciting.  The results we see in three weeks are out of this world!”
“I have contacted some of the teachers since the students have been back in the classroom to see where their literacy levels are. So far the response is positive and encouraging!”
“Every year we get better at measuring where children are at when they come to the program and how much progress they make. I feel good about the difference we are making to our students' future.”
“I liked the fact that there was a teacher and an aide for every 10 students.”
“Students in my group really needed positive reinforcement to help build their confidence. Their reading and comprehension increased from three to six levels. But many were desperately looking for someone to connect to.”
“I think the field trips were great because they allowed the kids to go to places where some will never go again.”
“In my group we doubled the number of kids with library memberships.”
“The majority of kids in my class did not struggle with reading as much as they found no motivation to read. We were able to connect reading with activities, which provided huge motivation.”
“Every student in my group moved up at least three reading levels.”


“When I first got here, I didn't want to come.  But now that it's over, I don't want to leave.”
“EVERYTHING!!!! Reading University is awesome,cool,and fun!!!! I like the fild trips. I like the professors. I like the centers too. Tank you for the best 3 weeks.”
“Reading University is a place where friendship and love comes from.”
“I had fun.”
“I didn't know you had to read to be a pilot or a policeman. But you do.”
“I like it that my Mom wants to read with me now.”
“I'm going to do better in school now.”
“We did a lot of different things.”
“I learned about maps.”
“I didn't like reading. But then I learned that you could use the computer to read books. I read so many books this month!”
“I liked meeting some other kids.”